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I am an educator and pagan artist who studied at La Sorbonne Paris IV.  My education in art not only consists of my private work, but I am an advanced certified A.P. Instructor of Art. In the past I have worked with senior adults as an Occupational Art Therapist, specializing in  watercolour painting at Montereaux.  I try to divide my time between mentoring new art teachers, teaching all skill levels as well as ages, and creating Fine Art. Specifically, my focus is on painting, though I am working and experimenting with ceramics of late.


In my painting, I enjoy playing with texture throughout my primarily landscape-inspired Abstract Impressionist paintings. I like to think of it as 3-D on a 2-D surface.  Strong brush strokes, and juxtapositions of colour with images of mythology are my current thematic passions. I would consider calling my latest fascination "The Art of a Water Witch."  Gesture and emotion often come to the canvas with me on a mission. I use my art as a channel and an outlet, a way to express my inner world and bring it into being in the outer world. As chaotic and mythic as my work is, it fits-I was diagnosed as bipolar as an adult. As someone who deals with the stigma of mental illness, that juxtaposition between the world-as-is and its beauty versus the arcane, sometimes frightening, and unknown is what I'm trying to capture.


My works have been exhibited at The Sky Gallery, Phantasmogoria, Lot #6 as well in group art shows at The 8th Floor Gallery at Burgundy Place, and The Dennis R. McNeil Equality Center.  My work is also in many private collections through out the Midwest.


Please contact me for commissioned work or to inquire about current inventory availability of existing artwork.

Tel: (918) 946-5538   Email:


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